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You Will Discover The One Most Miracle Nutrient That Can Solve Almost All Of Your Health Challenges And Yet Neglected By Many People.

That nutrient is in the food, name SOUL  marketed by Rain International from U.S.

Our mission is to provide the choice of  food to every individual who want to achieve optimal health. It is also to reverse the question "I can't afford it ?" to "How can I afford it ?". 

Rain International is providing everyone equal opportunity to be healthy, wealthy, happy and have abundance of time doing what you like when you like.

What is Soul?

Soul is a cold pressed oil from 3 types of seeds namely Black Cumin Seed, Black Raspberry Seed and Chardonnay Grape Seed. So it is Seed Nutrition. Seed is the source of life.

Discover Soul

Many had benefited from SOUL. The excitement they feel could not stop them from sharing the amazing results they get. It becomes the mission to see others living the best of their lives for the rest of their life.

The more you share the more you get the attractive rewards financially and spiritually.

Why Soul Can Create Such Excitement?

First let us understand why we get sick.

Life begins with a cell. A group of cells form the tissues. The tissues make an organ. The organs form the system (digestive system, immune system, respiratory system....). The whole systems make the body.
Therefore when cells are unhealthy, we fall sick.

Why do cells become unhealthy?

The structure of a cell...

Our cell membrane is 55% fat. Today we are taking foods containing bad fat (trans fat, plasticisers...). 

The cell will suffocates when the membrane is coated with bad fat  preventing the nutrients and oxygen from entering the cell because the cell is rigid. (no wonder many people after taking so much nutrients or raw organic food they still do not see results). And toxins in the cell are unable to pass out . Thus the cell becomes weak and its life span is shortened. So the immune system is affected. Therefore it is predictable that we are heading towards hospital in our life time slowly and surely. And why operation after operations one does not get well. The good news is you can avoid all these.....

In her book, Dr. Horner also mentions another type of ultrasound called "elastography" , which shows the elasticity of tissues.
Cancerous tissue is typically stiffer (rigid) than healthy tissue.

Now you know why bad fat is one of the main culprit of cancer. And we Are Consuming Bad Fat everyday. 

Report from Consumers Association Penang Shows That almost all we put into our body contains bad fat (in fact petroleum base fat).

Everybody including little baby knows very well that petroleum is not food. But today we are consuming lots of petroleum in the form plasticiserrs even in the water we drink and shower.(watch the video below)


You may avoid all these foods. But you may not avoid washing your hands and showering your body.How many times you go for shower and wash your hands everyday? Imagine the accumulation of the toxins over the years.....

When enough cells in the breast are unhealthy, one may suffer from breast cancer; When enough cells in the brain or brain arteries are unhealthy, one may suffer from Parkinson, Alzeimer or Stroke. When enough cells are unhealthy in the kidney, one may suffer from kidney failure


So now you know it is of vital important to clear the bad fat in our cell membrane and replace it with good fat.

Soul contains the good fat Omega 3 that helps to flush out the bad fat and makes the cell more fluidity allowing oxygen and nutrients to enter the cells and toxins easily pass out. When cells are healthy, our organs are healthy, our systems are healthy and we achieve optimal health.

Watch some of the testimonials after taking Soul:

Retina Detachment: After 2 operations, she still failed to regain her vision on one side of her eye.

                                   After taking 5 packets of Soul, it was confirmed by doctor that he blood clog in her eye was cleared and she regain her vision.

16 years old girl never able to walk by herself, after taking Omega3, 3 packets a day for 5 days, she was able to walk by herself.

Jedd Nielson Physio Therapist experience


What is so good about Soul? Why do Soul is so unique?

1 Its not medicine – Its food
2.    Its Whole Food safe for long term  consumption
3     Highly Alkaline
4.   High Natural Anti Oxidants – prevent cell damaged by free radicals
5.   Essential Fatty Acids
6.   12  vitamins,  17 minerals,  9 amino acids
7.   Enzymes -  our life force, helps in digestion and absorption, anti-aging, master key to health.

Food Heals

Nature,or God in her infinite wisdom, does not produce chemicals or isolated nutrients, and for good reason. Vitamins and minerals cannot and do not act as nutrients by themselves in our bodies such as we can not build a house with cement alone. Similarly, we can not build our cells with isolated nutrient (be it vitamins, minerals or protein). They must be coupled with an entire complex of other FOOD constituents in order for the body to recognize and utilize them. 
When we take whole food, the cell is given the free choice to pick what is needed. But when we take isolated nutrient we are forcing the cell to accept that what is not meant for it.

Living Cells Need Whole Food Not Isolated Nuteints

When we take extracted or isolated nutrient, we are forcing the cells to accept it. Our cells will release lots of enzymes to digest the nutrient. This stressful  act of the cells, will acidify our blood. And the undigested nutrient is stored in our body as fat or toxins.

When we eat live whole food, the cells are provided with freedom to choose whatever is needed. The undigested is passed out as waste.

Dangers Of Isolated Calcium

3. Soul is highly alkaline

4. Soul contains natural anti oxidants from the seeds

5. Soul contains balance essential fatty acids Omega 3 & 6

6.  Soul has:
     12  vitamins,  17 minerals,  9 amino acids

       Our body needs amino acids not protein. 


7. Soul is the cold-pressed oil so it has high enzymes.  Food that     contains all the above nutrients but once its cooked, the
    enzymes are dead. Its called dead food. Without enzymes, all     the above nutrients can not function effectively.        

Thank you for watching.

Now you understand why SOUL is so unique. With SOUL you can now enjoy the rest of your lives with peace, happiness, optimal health enjoying your life with true wealth naturally for the rest of you life.

 Today we are attacked by chemicals via water we drink, environment, food and stress.
Soul is not a magical bullet. The bad news is we can't control the environment the good news is we can control what we consume and what we think. 
Pay attention to health care or face the tension of sick care.

You are probably thinking right now that this product is a miracle…..and it is.
But I must tell you that it has one little…shortcoming. You may have to get use to it. When you first drink it you may experience some oppositon reaction before you see the positive results. Continue to drink it and you will feel and see tremendous improvement on your health.
There is no magic bullet but there is lifestyle change.
The solution is here. It’s a choice you don’t have to accept.

But If you begin now, you will soon notice and feel the change in you and your friends will be amazed. 
   The choice is yours. 

You have the opportunity to consume Soul for FREE.

Yes you can if you desire to bless others with this blessed seed.
Frank Tan 016 – 4224 316
Whatsapp  016 - 4224 316
SKYPE: peacetoallsouls125

Be Well, Happy and Healthy 

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